Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hiring in Child Care--Offering the Job

We’ve been talking about hiring a new employee for your program.  By this point, you’ve made your decision.  Now you just need to determine if the applicant sees you as their employer of choice and if you can come to an agreement about their employment.  And, after you do that, to notify the applicants that were not selected.

One of the most important parts of this stage is to make sure that you make an employment offer without implying any sort of contract with the individual.  Although you have taken a lot of time to hire the correct person for your team, you also need to leave yourself a way out, just in case.  We typically contact the applicant telephonically and offer the position verbally.  If they accept, we then email or fax a formal offer letter to be signed and returned by a specific date.    

Only after we have that signed offer letter do we send rejection letters to the other applicants.  We have one letter for those who were not granted interviews and another for those who interviewed with us.  For those who interviewed with us, we notify them that we will keep their application on file for consideration for future openings.

In two weeks, we will talk about integrating your new employee into your team.  (In the meantime, happy Easter/Pascha!)

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