Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hiring in Child Care—Before the Interview

Time to hire a new employee?  A little time spent planning will save a lot of time in the future.  You can save time by not interviewing the wrong people or, worse yet, hiring the wrong people.  

If you’re like us, as soon as you put an advertisement out in the community, you are inundated with calls and emails.  Clearly, we don’t have the time to interview every applicant, nor is every applicant even qualified for the position.  With a set of Pre-Interview Questions that will help you determine their qualifications and their potential fit for your program, you will have a good way to screen out those that you want to interview.

If the Pre-Interview goes well and it looks like the applicant could be a valid candidate, we request that they email us a resume and either transcripts or a listing of early childhood classes that they have taken.  That way we can confirm that the classes do actually meet the requirements for the position.  We can also check out their work history and look for red flags like gaps in employment and job-hopping.

If we determine this is a person that we want to interview, we go on and set up the interview time and date.  We ask each candidate to arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview to give them the time they will need to complete our Employment Application.  

Next week, we’ll talk about the interview itself.  

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