Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Two Christmas Trees

Last Saturday my husband and I were decorating our Christmas tree and reflecting on previous Christmases.  (Yes, I know we're late.  I assure you that's nothing new.)  He reminded me of how, when our sons were young, they would decorate the tree for us and all of the ornaments would be placed on the lowest 3 feet or so of the tree, as that was all they could see and reach.

On Sunday, I helped decorate a simple Christmas tree in the Sanctuary of our Church.  Since we have several active crawlers and toddlers in the parish, we decorated the top of the tree and left the bottom couple of feet without ornaments to reduce temptations for our littlest ones (and to keep them safe).

As I helped to decorate that second tree, I smiled to myself about the difference between the trees we adults decorate for children and the trees that the children themselves decorate.  I hope this little graphic makes you smile as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year--see you in 2014!!


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