Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Daily Child Care Schedule

We’ve talked for the past couple of weeks about making parents happy.  We do that, primarily, through providing safe, high-quality care for their children and by encouraging open communication.  Something as simple as having a posted Daily Schedule can help with both of these tasks.  

Children thrive on routine; rather than finding it boring, they find great comfort in consistency.  A Daily Schedule will help both staff and children maintain consistency.  Of course, in the schedule, there will be room for a bit of flexibility; I’m not talking about a schedule that is written in stone.  Some things like meal time and, when sharing a playground, outdoor time, may have to be pretty static, but other schedule items can be a bit more flexible.  If the children are really enjoying a particular activity and digging deeply into something, it’s great to be able to just let them keep digging.

Parents love to know what their children are doing throughout the day.  They also tend to frequently have the perception that their children do nothing but “play” all day; especially when they ask their children what they did that day and they reply “nothing”.  Posting a Daily Schedule is one more way to show parents that you have a plan in place for their child every day and they are not just spending their days in disorganized free play.  

If you don’t already have a Daily Schedule posted in each classroom, check ours out here.

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