Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Child Care Employee Self-Evaluation

A couple of months ago, we talked about Employee Evaluations and how the evaluations relate to each employee's Job Description.  The evaluation piece that we didn't talk about at that time is Employee Self-Evaluation.

You should have a system in place where either you or another individual (an Assistant Director, a Head Teacher, etc.) is in a position to directly observe your employee's work on a daily basis.  This person should be the one tasked with either writing the employee's evaluation or providing significant input to that evaluation.  However, you also need to give the employee a chance to evaluate his or her own performance.  

Self-evaluation is important for a couple of reasons.  The first is simple; the employee has the opportunity to provide input into the evaluation process.  Empowered employees can help to develop empowered children (and are typically happier employees).  Additionally, self-evaluation is another opportunity for employees to practice their observation skills.  Are they able to provide an objective evaluation of their own performance?  If not, this could be a learning experience.

Just as we ensure that the Employee Evaluation is fair by basing it directly on the employee's Job Description, the Self-Evaluation needs to be designed in the same way; you need congruence between these three documents.  Along with the direct evaluation of his or her own performance, this is also a great opportunity for the employee to tell you what they think they did well last year, where they need to improve, and what they need from you to be able to make those improvements. 

A strong Employee Evaluation program, with opportunity for employee input, can help you to get the very best from each of your employees.
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