Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Child Care Center Business Plan

Are you considering starting a new child care program or revamping your current program?  Are you going to be seeking some sort of funding for your child care program?  Are you looking to organize your program a bit more efficiently?  If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", or maybe even "perhaps", it is time to look at developing a Business Plan. 

Many child care managers, whether they are owners of Family Child Care programs or Directors of Child Care Centers, are so busy “fighting fires” every day that they cannot seem to find the time to plan for their program’s future.  Unfortunately, this kind of reactive management can cause you to lose sight of your program’s objectives.  A Business Plan can help you to "drill down" into the details of your Strategic Plan (or lay the groundwork for a Strategic Plan if you haven't done one yet.) 

A carefully developed Business Plan can help you:
  • Clearly define the purpose of your program
  • Make decisions about your program
  • Properly assess needs and allocate resources
  • Secure funding
  • Establish a baseline from which progress can be measured
  • Identify necessary revisions to your Strategic Plan
Your Business Plan can help you describe your business to others (such as potential funders) and is a roadmap that can help you manage your program.  It will show potential funders what resources are needed, how the program will develop, and how any loans will be repaid.

And, best of all, you probably guessed it, if you don't have a Business Plan yet, we do have a template and a "how-to" guide to make it simple.  Check it out at:  http://store.payloadz.com/details/993189-documents-and-forms-business-child-care-business-plan.html


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